Saturday, September 22, 2007


Okay, so this is my inaugural post here.

So, art. Art’s a subjective term. You know, one man’s meat and so forth. I spend a lot of time in modern art museums frowning and being annoyed by what passes for art these days. Hence, letting my membership to MOMA expire. But I also am amazed at how much good stuff is being done currently. Lots of it displayed on this Blogger thing. People like Marlo Meekins, Kristen McCabe, Bill… uh, mean William Wray, and on and on. Superb and varied stuff. Enough to inspire me to join up.

So, enough words. Picture time. These couple are from an on-again/off-again project featuring the girl with the pigtails. I'll post more later. Figuring out this interface is making my puzzler hurt.


Sandy said...

Great first post. Can't wait to see more.


william wray said...

Nice drawings, they feel modern and old at the same time -- a good combo. Considering the limited tone, they read well too. And you write too. How fast do you run?

Bob Fingerman said...

Wow. You found this without me alerting anyone yet. I figured I'd throw some posts up, then sound the alarm. Cool.

Thanks, Bill. A compliment from you always means a lot to me.

Thanks, Sandy.

the hanged man said...

Will this blog just be artwork and the livejournal site used for rants and raves?

In any case, looks good so far. Like the pics of old New York.

Bob Fingerman said...

Yeah, I'm going to try to reserve this blog for art-related stuff.

Jamar said...

Looks good Bob! I'll keep my eyes open for new posts!