Monday, November 12, 2007


Hey, all. Here's the thumbnail sketch and final art for the cover of the upcoming "Dirty Humor Issue" of the literary magazine Monkeybicycle. I also have a story inside. Should be out in late December or early January.


Peter Grumbine said...

I'll leave an entire blog comment on one post too: this is cool shit. I long for the apocalypse like a "snowday" in third grade. All my PA fantasies include a high-speed bulldozer. You can accomplish anything if you have a high-speed bulldozer.

Consider your blog bookmarked.

the hanged man said...

I have seen my future and the future of several of my friends.

Thanks, Bob.

Bob Fingerman said...

I live to serve.

This isn't the future of some. It's the present (only neater). But look how happy he is.

Dean Haspiel said...

Great cover. I dig your Pekar/Superman doll.


Bob Fingerman said...

Funny. I wasn't thinking about Pekar at all, but you're right. It does look like a Pekar Superman. Huh.