Friday, September 12, 2008


Here are some pages of me working out the character Byron, from the forthcoming From the Ashes.


Brian Churilla said...

I LOVE the octo-eyes, Bob. That's just eerie. I personally like the last set.

Hey, what are you using to sketch these? A clutch? On what? Just curious. I love your line.

Bob Fingerman said...

Thanks, Brian.

What the heck is a clutch? I just drew them in cheapo colored pencil.

The last set is what Byron ended up looking like, so we have a winner!

Bob Fingerman said...

Oh, and on plain old copier paper. That's what I do all my drawing one, even the finished art.

Brian Churilla said...

A clutch is a drafting pencil that holds a big, thick lead that you sharpen with a tiny little sharpener. The line seemed reminiscent of a one from a clutch by best reckonin', but WTF do I know? Copy paper? Cool beans, home skillet.

Bob Fingerman said...

Oh. I have a couple of clutches, then. Just didn't know that's what they were called. I always thought they were called lead-holders. They're great.