Friday, February 27, 2009


Though I still don't have an exact street date (May 2009 is as close as I can get for the time being), here is the cover for the first issue of my forthcoming series for IDW.

Also, check out the new dedicated From the Ashes blog!


Brian Churilla said...

Ha! That's a great cover, man! I love the cool and warm tones of the FG and BG. Great caricatures, love the the two different reactions to the surrounding calamity. Captures a lot in one simple illustration. Really looking forward to this. Are you attending any west coast cons any time soon?

Bob Fingerman said...

Thanks, Brian. I appreciate it.

I'm not heading west unless someone else foots the bill, and so far no volunteers on that front.

Joe Rocco said...

Brian beat me to the punch. I also like the whole "warm/cool" colors. Great cover Bob. And if you ever come West, give me a ring!


Whoooo! Can't wait! And not just because I'm in it!