Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Another unused Darla drawing from when I was working on Connective Tissue (which you really need to go buy, now).


Moses said...

I have my signed copy!!! said...


You are a genius who I just discovered for myself. Here is my Blogs Review on "From the Ashes"“from-the-ashes”/
The blog has close to 90,000 unique readers each month which is pretty good after 8 months.

I just bought "Recess Pieces" and the art is incredible and am buying as many of your TPB's as I can and plan to write another Blog Post on you listing your books. I'm sorry I didn't hear of you till now but I only rediscovered comic books 2 years ago.

Do you sell (cheaply)any of your comic art and/or can I get you to autograph "From the Ashes"?

You Rule,

Phil Hershon

Bob Fingerman said...

Thanks, Phil.

I read that review (I get Google Alerts on FTA), and was struck by how nice it was and also by what an unexpected place it was to be reviewed.

I'd be happy to sign it, but my originals do not come cheap.

I hope you enjoy the forthcoming five issues of FTA.