Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I did this drawing for Connective Tissue (which is still highly discounted on Amazon yet nonetheless is languishing, so BUY IT!), but it didn't fit my narrative. I like it, though.

This was done as part of a panel in an American Splendor thing I illustrated. I think it might make a nice print.


Billy George said...

Wow! Awesome blog. I love seeing the sketches and thumbnails.

Bob Fingerman said...

Thanks, Billy. You know how I feel about your stuff: mind-boggling. Everyone, go check out Billy George's work. It's beautiful.

shane oakley said...

i wish my 'rejects' were that fekkin good!
both fab pics with spot-on mood and composition.
and shame on me - i will pop over to AMAZON and order me a copy of CT.