Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Young Zombies in Love

I just heard about this new book by Amelia Beamer, called The Loving Dead. In honor of that, here's an old, unpublished drawing I did for fun, way back in 1987. You're seeing it here first.

Man, those hands are big. Jeez.


Brian Churilla said...

Fantastic illustration. Loves those big hands.

Bob Fingerman said...

Hands big enough to sleep in. What was I thinking?

the hanged man said...

Nice. Kinda Basil Wolverton meets Mitch O'Connell.

Billy George said...

Very Nice!

Jeremy Joseph said...

Most awesome hands! Love the look of these, so detailed and handdrawn.
As a digital artist, nothing is more exciting than ORIGINAL art.

The style is so unusual too, I've seen you go through so many styles over the 10 years of so I've been aware of your fine presence in this world!
White like she, Minimum Wage and now these! Love 'em!

I also recognise those earrings from somewhere ;)