Friday, October 26, 2007


A few years back (in 2003, to be specific), I started a project called Connective Tissue, which was to be a free form, stream of consciousness, picture novel. I abandoned it after about 15 or so drawings, but waste not want not. Here are a few. I almost resurrected it last year in a revamped style, but once again lost steam (the drawings in my first blog here). Maybe someday I'll really get serious with it, but then what would the fun be in that?


n69n said...

oh, thats great!
i think you have such an accurate take on nyc.
well done!

Armoredbaby said...
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Armoredbaby said...

Lovely shading in the Subway scene -- I mean all surely but that has some nice fade to it.

My blog is here -- I made mine for music -- as far as Blogger goes. I will surely be peepin this. LINGO ALERT!!!!

Bob Fingerman said...


Anonymous said...

Nice palette. Evocative. Very New York. The subway never looked better than in this work.